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Part of our intentionality as a podcast is to create a community of intentional professionals, where all can come for encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to nurture their dedication. On this page, you'll find the information to contact us directly, be a part of an episode, and pertinent information for a variety of other engagements that compliment episodes or series, to be released.

be in an episode

Do you want to be in an episode of the VIP4VIP? There are 2 ways to engage--find out more below!

There are currently 2 ways to engage with Gabe on an upcoming episode: leaving a voicemail via Anchor [powered by Spotify], and submitting a question for the segment, "Minding Your Business."

minding your business

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Make sure to subscribe--if you haven't already--so you

don't miss the answer, if your question is chosen!

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Use the form below to leave a question that you'd like Gabe to answer during the "Minding Your Business" segment on the VIP4VIP. Because this inquiry is anonymous, we are unable to contact you to inform you should your submission be selected, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform--so ya don't miss it!



Submitting a question does not guarantee it will be answered on the podcast.


To leave a voicemail, click the banner above. You do not need an account to leave a voicemail. Just allow access to your microphone when prompted and use the intuitive tools to record and edit your voicemail before submitting.

Disclaimer: Leaving a voicemail does not guarantee it will be answered.

contact the show

Use the form below to contact the producers of the VIP4VIP.

If you represent a guest or potential guest,

contact Gabe Ryan directly at

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